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Dustin Lynch Current Interview

Country superstar Dustin Lynch recently released his third studio album, “Current Mood” which also includes his fifth consecutive #1 single “Small Town Boy”.  Dustin sold out Casino Rama for his first Canadian headlining show, and we are very excited to see where his music takes him. We had a blast at the show, and had a chance to chat with Dustin about touring and of course his new album.

Sharon: “Your first Canadian headlining show at Casino Rama was completely sold out! How did you feel about the show?”

Dustin: “That was an incredible crowd! I was shocked in a great way. It was an amazing night, I can’t believe that many people showed up for us.”

“What would you say is your favourite song off Current Mood?”

“Its hard to pick a favourite. I think my proudest one is Love Me or Leave Me Alone with Karen Fairchild. She’s one of my favourite singers on earth and so to have her on the album is just incredible.”

“You also played State Lines live for the first time at your Casino Rama show. That’s my favourite song off the album! What are your thoughts on that song?”

“Thank you! Yeah, I wrote that song because it is a countdown for me and the guys to get back home. A lot of us have families, wives and kids so we live that song. We’re on the road a lot and counting down to get back home to see our loved ones. Playing that live really means a lot to us.”

“For some of our audience who may not already be familiar with your music, how would you describe your music?”

“Well, it’s all over the map right now. This album kind of came together song by song, there wasn’t really a specific theme. I was just recording songs I’ve been through, that I’ve lived. To describe how my music is, its my life and musically it’s kind of all over the place.”

“So from other interviews, I heard you actually went to college for pre-med. How did you make the transition to dedicating your career to music?”

“I’ve always loved music and always wanted to make music. I promised my mom and dad I would get a degree. I loved science and was fascinated by how the body works and so I chased a pre-med degree. I graduated with that and then basically just threw it in the trash can [laughs] and started chasing music. So I have that to fall back on but I don’t plan on using it.”

“Did you just focus more on music once you were finished school?”

“Yeah I was doing music a lot through college but of course it became a question of how am I going to make a living doing this. So I definitely had to focus and then I moved to Nashville. It took me a while to figure out what doors to knock on and how to go about chasing this as a career. So that really was all it was, kind of just re-focussing and figuring out the system and the great community in Nashville.”

“Did it take a long time for you to figure things out, did you ever get to a point where you thought this might not happen? Or was it a pretty smooth transition?”

“I actually had a pretty good time when I started right out of college. I got a couple phone calls and doors started to open which really changed my life. It kind of made me realize, hey I can do this for a living. I was playing a couple times a week all over the South East at this point so I was getting around playing a lot of music and the creative community, the song writers, the publishers, the managers, that whole world kind of came through for me and I ended up leaving my day job and working on music full time.”

“Thats amazing! You’ve also gotten into fashion too. You have your own clothing line Stay Country.”

“Yes! It’s going so great right now, we just did our first big release. I’m really excited, this is something we’ve been working on for about a year now so its been really cool. As I was writing songs, I also came up with ideas of what I think people would love to wear and what the crowd might wear so its a fun process.”

“Do you think you’ll ever do a pop up shop in different cities?”

“Yeah we’ve definitely talked about doing pop up shops and collaborations with different designers in the future.”

“Since we are from BestFan we want to know what are 3 things that come to mind that your fans might not already know about you?”

1. “I love to be outdoors.”

2. “I want to learn how to speak fluent spanish.”

3. “My goal this Christmas break is to get certified to Scuba Dive”

“I have a fan question for you from Crystal Lee of New Philadelphia, OH. She asks what is your favourite thing to do when you’re not touring?”

“I love to be outside. Love to be out on the water fishing. Being out in nature recharges me.”

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