Interview: Lauren Alaina

Georgia native Lauren Alaina has had a great year with the release of her sophomore album “Road Less Traveled”. She received a CMA nomination for New Artist of The Year and her debut single “Road Less Traveled” hit #1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart! Lauren is currently tour with Dallas Smith for the Side Effects Tour and we had a chance to get her thoughts on some of our favourite lyrics off the her latest album! Check out our interview with Lauren here:

Sharon: You’re currently on tour with Dallas Smith travelling all over Canada- how is the tour going?

Lauren: I’m having such a great time on tour with Dallas. He is the nicest guy. I have fallen in love with Canada. Hopefully this is the first of many tours for me here.

This album is very personal, you talk about your parents divorce, body image struggles, sacrifices you have to make to reach your goals. We love this album and can definitely relate to many of your songs. Below are some of my favourite lyrics off a few songs from your album Road Less Traveled. We’d love to know what’s the first thought that comes to mind (or memory) for that lyric.

Three- “Six years of missing home for three minutes on the radio”. This is my favourite song off the album. When was the first time you heard your song on the radio?

“Three” is my favorite song I have ever written. I wanted to write a song to thank my Family for supporting my dream even though I miss just about everything back home to chase it. I also wanted to thank the fans for believing in me, showing up to the shows, and getting me through the hardest parts of my career. Without my fans and my family, I would never have gotten my “three minutes on the radio.” I will never forget the first time I heard myself on the radio. I was in my hometown riding in the car with my momma. We totally freaked out. I rolled down the passenger window and screamed at the top of my lungs, “I’M ON THE RADIO!!!!” I honestly still get that excited.

Holding The Other – “I can face any storm, I could conquer the world with just one hand as long as your holding the other” 

I wrote “Holding The Other” for my boyfriend Alex. I had a very emotional few years. Alex is the one thing that stayed constant for me in that time. I love him so much, and I honestly feel like I could get through anything if he is holding my hand.

Pretty – this song makes me so happy- more girls need to hear this kind of message! “Pretty is as pretty does” what do you think of with that lyric?

I have struggled with self image more than anything else I have ever struggled with. “Pretty” was a song I HAD to write. I know how hard it is to learn to love yourself. I wanted to write a song for those of us who need to be reminded what makes us pretty. It’s not the size of your jeans that makes you beautiful. It’s the size of your heart.

Doin’ Fine – “I’ve cut down crying to every other weekend” What were you upset about when you wrote the song at that phase in your life?

Watching my parents go through a divorce, my dad go through rehab, and my parents getting remarried to other people was a crazy time. I did a lot of crying, but I think crying is very cleansing for the soul. Now we are all “Doin’ Fine.”

What are you a BestFan of?

I am a “best fan” of onesies. I own 28 of them. I may actually have a problem. Hahahha.

What’s coming up next for you?

We have big plans for 2018. Keep up with my socials for announcements soon 😉


Be sure to keep up with Lauren on her socials:

Twitter-  @Lauren_Alaina

Instagram- @laurenalaina


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