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Rising Canadian pop artist VAN has been announced as iHeartRadio’s Future Star for September for her debut single “Lock My Love Down,” The single was produced by internationally acclaimed producer Tino Izzo and is set to play on all iHeartRadio stations across the country.  VAN is currently on a Canada-wide radio tour to continue promoting her new single and we had a chance to find out more about her anticipated debut album. Check out our interview below:

Sharon: Congrats on becoming iHeart Radio’s future star for September for your debut single “Lock My Love Down”. They’ve been playing your song across Canada which is very exciting! When do you think you’ll be releasing more music?

VAN: Thank you so much. I’m so thankful to have been chosen to be the iHeart Radio’s Future Star for September. It was amazing! I will definitely be releasing new music very soon, I am currently working on my album which will be coming out in early 2018. We have around seven songs pre-recorded for the album so far, and I can’t wait for you guys hear them!

 What stood out to you from working with internationally acclaimed producer Tino Izzo? He’s worked with Celine Dion in the past so I’m sure it must have been a great experience!

Yes, working with Tino Izzo has been nothing but incredible! I thank my manager Paolo Galati who has worked with Tino in the past and introduced me to him. I love being in studio with him, it’s always so much fun and time always seems to pass so quickly. Three hours in studio feels like three minutes! What I respect most and love most about working with Tino is the fact that he really lets me express myself as a singer. By that I mean that is certain people that I’ve worked with growing up, really tried to mold me into a singer that I wasn’t, trying to change my techniques and voice, but Tino hasn’t. He encourages me to sing how I naturally sing and be who I am which I love. He lets me take the songs he produces and makes them sound like me which is always fun and encouraging for me.

 Did he (Tino) give you any advice or interesting insight about the music industry you might be able to share with us?

Like I said, Tino has always told me to never change the way I sing. He’s also told me a few cool stories about who he’s worked with which are always inspiring to hear.

You are bilingual and are from Quebec, will your music be bilingual as well?

Yes I also sing in french, but my album is only going to be in English. You never know, I might come out with something in French in the future though.

 When you were younger, you were featured in several ad campaigns and music videos – is acting something that is also a big part of your life at the moment? 

Growing up I did a lot of modelling and acting, but I always knew singing was more of a passion. My dad played guitar, and one day I just randomly woke up and told him that I wanted to start taking singing lessons. Luckily for me, the day after he took me to where he bought his guitar strings and I started my lessons that same day. Since then I have never stopped singing. I love being in front of the cameras, it is always so fun! But singing is what I love most. For now, I’m not doing any acting or modelling, but if it comes my way any time soon I would definitely be open to it!

What are 3 things most people might not know yet about your music journey/career?

First, I actually had done my first professional recording inside of a studio when I was around 8 years old, and it was a French song.

Second, and this is more of a random fact about my singing, but before I perform or go into studio, I always have to have a tea with me. It helps soothe my voice so much. And third, people might not know that I’ve been singing since I was 7 years old and haven’t stopped since. Aside from music, another thing people might not know about me is that I’ve also been a part of national ad campaigns here in Canada including a commercial for Canadian Tire.

 What are you a “bestfan” of?

If you know me, you know that I am a “bestfan” of Justin Bieber. I can’t help but talk about him. He’s amazing, and it’s cool to know that he is also Canadian.

Who do you see yourself touring with in the near future?

Hopefully I could tour with Justin Bieber one day! I think I would pass out though. There are also other incredible artists that I would be honoured to go on tour with such as The Weeknd and Drake.

 When can we expect to see the new music video?

We are currently working on it and I can’t wait to release it once it’s ready.

 Thanks so much for chatting with us VAN! Wishing you all the best on your Canadian radio tour!

Thank you so much, I loved answering your questions and look forward to meeting all your fans sometime soon. 

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