VOLTA by Cirque Du Soleil

In this segment we take take you through an exclusive behind the scenes tour of VOLTA at the Toronto Portlands sharing with you a sneak peak of rehearsals, what each day is like for the performers, what it takes to join the show, interviews and more! Check it out:

I recently had a chance to catch VOLTA, and although I’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil shows in the past, this one is extra special because its here in Toronto and only on for a limited time! It amazes me HOW they manage to create the feeling as though you’re in some other world and how they manage to create a completely different and unique environment for each show. From the stage setup, the acrobats, shape divers, BMX riders, singers, dancers, lights, and coordination- it’s just incredible! So, of course the first thing I thought was- we NEED to share this with our BestFan audience!

In case you didn’t know, VOLTA is the company’s 41st original production since 1984! Each show has a very unique theme when it comes to the music. For VOLTA, international electronic group M83 serve as composer and musical director, bringing their space-age future pop sound to the Cirque du Soleil stage for the first time ever.

The show includes an insane rope skipping challenge, a BMX/ballet duo, bungee performaces (while dropping from a dangerously high level), shape diving, roller blading (on a very busy stage), hair suspension (yes, the artist literally levitates from the ground by her hair) and suddenly before you know it there is a BMX park on the stage where five riders deliver a fast and furious performance of nonstop acrobatics on wheels.

So how do they manage to fit such different performances on one stage? The outer ring of the circular stage is a revolving plate with footlights that illuminate the performances. There are three slim hydraulic lifts that emerge from the floor. Higher up, there is also a moving bridge that serves as a second stage (weighing 2,268 kg) and helps modulate the audience focus during scene transitions.

The VOLTA stage is also exceptionally deep, the six massive ramps used for the BMX performance are stowed below when not in use. Each ramp is made of heavy duty polycarbonate (material used to make bulletproof glass) and fully transparent to avoid blocking the view for those sitting in the front rows. The ramps are made to withstand a force of 12 Gs, to withstand each riders landing!

Now looking at costumes, this is also pretty incredible! The laser coat worn by WAZ, the lead character, contains 168 lasers, 90 meters of wiring and has the capacity of 115 different laser beam combinations! More than 1,200 costume elements were produced by the costume workshop at Cirque Du Soleil’s international headquarters in Montreal.

This show is truly breathtaking, and 100% worth seeing! VOLTA’s Toronto run ends on November 26th before heading to Miami, so don’t miss your chance to see it!!

Tickets available at this link:


Special thanks to Amélie RobitailleCirque du Soleil VOLTA’s tour publicist for taking us on the tour!

For more updates on the show, be sure to follow VOLTA on socials!


Twitter: @Cirque #VOLTA  

Instagram: cirquedusoleil #VOLTA

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