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Neon Dreams Interview


Neon Dreams are a Halifax based trio consisting of members, Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, and Matt Gats . The band began their rise to stardom in 2015 after Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame collaborated on their track “50k” and as well as remixing his chart-topping single “Hard In The Paint”. With that, it led to their debut album “The Last of Us”.
Their first track, “Love Expert” on the groups debut EP released on September of 2015 and was the group breakthrough single. It was debuted on Bell Media stations across Canada and quickly picked up by other Top-40 stations nationwide. It climbed its way onto Billboard’s CHR Top 40 chart and iTunes’ Top 10 electronic chart. Since then, the band has been traveling the world, touring the country and working on a new project.

We had an opportunity to chat with the electronic hip-hop collective to chat about their past, growing up, collaborations, their 10/10 celebrity crushes, their recent EP, “Wolf & The Princess” and much more.

What were you guys like in high school?

“When we were in high school we were all just getting used to playing in a band together. We started off as a pop rock group with influences drawing from Paramore to Avenged Sevenfold. Often jamming after school in the evenings and playing anywheres that would have us on the weekends.”

When you were growing up, what was your favorite musical moment?

“I think there was a lot for us, but I think the transition into digital production helped us realize we could create anything we could envision at our fingertips.”

You’ve worked with artists like Kardinal Offishall, VANZE and Waka Flocka Flame – are there any future collaborations we can look forward to?

“We’ve done a lot of writing with Nat from 3OH!3 for our future tracks and we’re hoping to link up with some awesome electronic artist for remixes of those songs.”

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect “10”?

Matt Gats – Ryan Reynolds

Frank Kadillac – Channing Tatum

Adrian Morris – Tommy Wiseau

What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood?

“Feeling Good – Micheal Buble”

Which one song from your catalog would you say personifies the band the most as an artist?

“Our track, “Deep Water” of our EP “Wolf,Princess & Me” is probably the most artistic track we’ve done and explores a sound that we feel really showcases each individual members personal tastes and approach to our music.”

What’s the story and concept behind your EP, “Wolf, Princess & Me”?

“Wolf, Princess & Me” is a fairy tale between a modern day relationship showing the extreme highs and lows that the journey of a relationship can take you on. We wrapped it all together with artwork that represent a storybook.”

How has your music evolved since you began developing your career in music?

“When Neon Dreams started out we were taking on a band approach to EDM but as the band grew we’ve devoloped a more pop electronic sound that has a really heavy focus on songwriting rather then big production.”

You guys have made some awesome remixes including Ria Mae’s “Thoughts On Fire”, are there any songs playing on the radio, you’d love to remix?

“In The Wild” – BRDGS. You might just hear a remix from us soon ;)”

I think it’s important for musicians to go beyond the music and use their voices to influence and empower their fans – what’s your message to the youth?

“We’re all about spreading positivity and letting our fans know that they can do anything as long they keep positive influences and experiences within there lives.”

Which movie do they need to make a sequel to?

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard”

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Halifax, but if I did go, are there any places you’ll recommend I check out?

“Take a sea kayaking adventure out in Prospect or the Peggy’s Cove area ! You won’t regret it.”

What TV catchphrase do you enjoy using the most?

“Mmmm doughnuts” – Homer J. Simpson”

Are there any other artists or albums you think we should absolutely look out for?

“Check out BRDGS, Jodi Guthro, Famba and Craymak !”

To check out more from the trio be sure to take a listen to their recent release, “Acoustic Sessions”, which features stripped versions of their hit songs as well as their studio album, “The Wolf, Princess and Me”


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